Turkish Airlines Developer Portal - API & Account Plan Catalog


API NameTypeAuthVisibilityStatusVersionApps
Calculate Award Miles With TaxRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Calculate Flight MilesRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Get AvailabilityRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Get Fare Family ListRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Get Port ListRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Get TimetableRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Retrieve Reservation DetailRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Search Operational Next Leg Data By FlightPublicDeprecated1

Account Plans

Plan NameQuotaRate Limit
Bronze Account Plan
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The Bronze plan is the default Account Plan automatically assigned by the system to all new developers.

5000 hits / day10 calls / sec
Production Account Plan
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The Internal plan is meant to be assigned to internal developers and other employees.

Associated APIs

  • Get Availability - Production
  • Get Availability - Production OLD
  • Get Fare Family List - Production
  • Get Port List - Production
  • Get Timetable - Production
  • Retrieve Reservation Detail - Production
25000 hits / day10 calls / sec

API Plans

Plan NameQuotaRate LimitAvailability
Test Plan
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The Test API plan provides an appropriate API service level for developers to test their application against.
100 hits / day10 calls / secN/A
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The Sandbox API plan provides an appropriate API service level for developers who are starting to build an application
500 hits / day2 calls / secN/A
Production Plan
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The Production API plan provides an appropriate API service level for applications in production.
5000 hits / day100 calls / secN/A
Kayak API Plan700 hits / hourNo rate limitN/A
Google Api PlanUnlimited quotaNo rate limitN/A
Partner Api Plan - UnlimitedUnlimited quotaNo rate limitN/A